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  • An excellent way to find employment pages is to  go to the ISS school directory and check for schools in the countries you are interested in. Look for headings or icons with titles like "careers, jobs, staff requirements, teaching at..." etc.


Large School Groups

Quality Schools International
19 Schools in 18 Countries 
Sanaa International School , Yemen
Tirana International School, Albania
Kiev International School, Ukraine
Almaty International School, Kazakstan
Minsk International School, Belarus
Ashgabat International School, Turkmenistan
Baku International School, Azerbaijan
Bishkek International School, Kyrgyzstan
QSI Int'l School of Bratislava, Slovakia
QSI International School of Tbilisi, Georgia
QSI International School of Yerevan, Armenia
QSI International School of Ljubljana, Slovenia
QSI International School of Chisinau, Moldova
QSI International School of Vladivostok, Russia
QSI International School of Skopje, Macedonia
QSI International School of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
QSI International School of Zhuhai , China
Wuhan International School - QSI, China
QSI International School of Phuket, Thailand

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
Membership of 150 international Christian schools around the world with 750+ positions available each year. Administrators, teachers, support, and resident staff are needed. Both short-term and career opportunities are available. Positions are salaried, partial-salaried, and support-raised.