Information about specific countries...

Perhaps you have an a specific country or region in mind. You may have been there once or twice before, maybe not. This is a bit tricky because you want to know what it's like to actually live and work there, not just visit.

This specific kind of information can generally be found in two sources: paid and free.

Paid Resources

A good example of this is Going Global. They offer guides which are read with adobe acrobat reader. The contents include: Country Profile, Professional Resources, Job Search Resources, Financial Considerations,  Employment Trends Resume/CV's,  Information Technology,  Interviewing Advice, Engineering,  Work Permits, Accounting & Finance, Cultural Advice, Sales & Marketing, and General Business.

Going Global, and others like them, are helpful because they generally ask people living in each country to act as editors and keep the information updated. If you want to read portions of what they offer without paying first, I have summarized them on this site.

Free samples of Going Global

Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | China | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Hong Kong | Italy | Japan | Korea | Netherlands | Norway | South Africa | Singapore | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom



blue_arrow.gif (58 bytes)Specialized portal sites are important in your search and probably the most useful one to start with is the country and regions section of country profiles; However, you should be careful simply because this site is so large, and you'll easily become distracted. 

blue_arrow.gif (58 bytes)Two State Department country information resources concerns us: Background Notes has basic factual data about the place, while Travel Warnings offers important and usually recent information about problems you may encounter as an American in a specific country. 

blue_arrow.gif (58 bytes)Articles about living in specific countries

blue_arrow.gif (58 bytes)Also look at this Worldwide Cost of Living Survey which offers good information about quality of life and living costs in major cities around the world.